Best Budget Penis Extenders – Cheap Penis Extender Packages

If you are working with a budget that limits how much you can spend, you can realistically choose any of the best penis extenders available since most of them feature a budget package. However, most of the budget based packages are not worth your time or money if you want to add 2 inches or more. As such you must pick and choose with a high degree of skepticism.

This article explains the fundamental items you need to successfully complete a penis enlargement treatment with a budget based traction device and also which brand provides the most value for your money. Take a look at the chart just below for more information.

Budget Brands → Quick Extender Pro Quick Extender Pro Quick Extender Pro
Price Starting at $89.95 Starting at $119.93 Starting at $179.00
Recommended Package Starter Edition Extender Value Edition Male Edge Basic
Website Go There Take A Look Click Here To Compare
Safety Excellent Excellent Excellent
Results* 1 – 3 Inches* 1 – 3 Inches* 1 – 3 Inches*
Guarantee 180 Day 180 Day 200% Money-Back Offer
Current Promotion “DISC100” – $100 Off “BPE10” – 10% Off Cheap + Premium = DEAL
Verdict Quick Extender Pro Quick Extender Pro Quick Extender Pro

* Results vary by how long you use your preferred brand of penis extender, your health, and genetic limitations.

What Classifies A Budget Penis Extender?

The price is obviously the delimiting characteristic that answers this question, but what you get depends on the qualities you want to sacrifice. This is the one detail you must understand. If you choose to choose a penis extender based on price, you not going to get the most effective device, nor the most comfortable.

These two factors are the most important qualities and I can tell you right now that there is not a single cheap extender package equipped with both. So, lets weight some options then.

Which Is Better: Comfort Or Effectiveness? (If You Have To Choose)

Think about this: if an extender is irritating, would you wear it more or less? Probably less or not at all and the only way to produce ideal results is to wear your penis extender often. So choosing a budget device that is equipped with comfort components is the type of extender you should be considering.

Do Budget Packs Offer All You Need?

Yes and there are items you can get in a budget package that are very beneficial. Even with premium brands, you can buy their budget package and still get comfort components, a manufacturers warranty, and useful conditional bonus items that enhance the results of an extender.

Once you view the best budget penis extenders below, follow the links to the manufacturer site and inspect each package for yourself to see what you get.

What Else Are You Sacrificing Besides Comfort And Effectiveness?

If you buy a premium package we recommend, you investment also gets you a discount on items that can help you make the most of your treatment. In a way you are paying more for less for budget packages, but y you have to do what you have to do when you working with a budget.

You also may be skeptical about using a penis extender. Our premium recommendations come with a 6 month money-back guarantee to prove to you that their product works. With lesser packages, you do not get a 6 month guarantee and if you choose a scam, lets hope you learn from this mistake only once.

Many packages also come with conditional bonus items. Although they are not necessary, they can help shave time off your treatment and ultimately make your penis bigger in the long run.

The point in mentioning all of this is simple. If you literally make a one time investment into a more robust package, you won’t sacrifice results. You will wear you extender because it is comfortable and the outcome of your investment will be in the gains you achieve.

Luckily for you, you do not have to worry about this since I know of the best budget penis extender packages that feature all items I have been talking about….just below.

Best Budget Penis Extender Packages

The two best budget extenders are Quick Extender Pro’s Value package and X4 Labs Starter Edition package. More information about why they are the best budget packages are below and where you can purchase them as well.

Quick Extender Pro Value Package

When it comes to quality, you can’t beat the value Quick Extender Pro packs in this male enlargement system. You get medical grade, comfort oriented components, a carrying case, and 2500 gram tension springs. Here are the precise details you get with the value edition:

  • Quick Extender Pro Device

  • Superior Comfort DSS Support Piece

  • Swivel Base for Easy Adjustment

  • Illustrated Instructions Manual

  • 2 Month Manufacturer Warranty

  • One Click Multi Stage Adjustment Precision Trac™

  • Velvet Travel Carrying Case

  • Medical Grade Silicone Tubes  – Noose Fastener

  • Medical Grade Foam Pads

  • Medical Grade Lightweight Extension Bars – Up to 7 inches

  • 2500 Gram Spring Tension Force

  • Max Gains – 15-20%

  • Results Provided By QEP

  • Total Savings – $60

Click Here to visit the manufacturer site and compare the value, midgrade, and premium packages. Save 20% right now with their current automated promotion.

What you don’t get is worth reconsidering since everything you already get becomes discounted and adds an extra amount of value if you purchase an upgraded package.

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Quick Extender Pro™ Booster Pump

  • Extra Spare Springs (6 Springs)

  • Max Gains – 30-45%

  • Results Provided By QEP

  • Total Savings – $250

X4 Labs Starter Edition Package

This is bar far the cheapest package on the market currently. Although I personally do not recommend packages cheaper than $100, this one if significantly different from other brands and their lesser packages. I am still baffled about how X4 can bundle their 16 way hybrid support system with their budget device! This kind of technology usually comes with premium packages, even compared to similar brands and their comfort systems, but X4 spares nothing even for their budget shoppers. For a limited time you can get this package for only $89.95 with their $100 off discount promotion running currently. Read about the specifics below:

  • The X4 Extender

  • Memory Foam Comfort Pads

  • Comfort Strap Fastener

  • Noose Fastener

  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

  • 1500 Gram Tension Springs

  • Instructional CD

What you don’t get that is featured in the upgraded package is worth considering twice. It is also worth waiting to save an extra bit of money for an upgraded package. Regardless, all the necessary and fundamental items are featured in the value edition, but you can get these items not equipped in the Value package for a little more investment:

  • 5 year – Lifetime Warranty

  • 1800 – 2100 Gram Tension Springs

  • 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee (Money Back)

  • Width Girth Base For Wide(r) Penis Sizes

  • 16 Way Comfort strap System

  • FREE Velcro Fastener

  • 24K Gold Covered Extension Rods

  • Exercise Membership

  • Cleansing And Moisturizing Kits

  • Max Gains – 66% Increase In Length And Girth

  • Results Based On Individual Results And X4 Size Calculator

  • Total Savings – $200

Male Edge Penis Extension Device

Male Edge deserves more credit and promotion than it currently receives. Of the three packages it is featured in, especially the premier package, the Pro Retail, is the most cost-effective PE package offered. Starting at just $180.00, every core item needed to successfully increase and expand penile dimensions is available for purchase. Compared to other cheap penis extension device, it does not come with the most options, partially neglecting the full potential of what is considered the best, but for what its worth, how much you get, and the price you pay, Male Edge is well worth your consideration as a penis enlargement treatment if  your purchase plan involves price limitations.

Here are the items that are cost-effective according to their function and price:

  • The Male Edge penile extension device
  • Protection padding for comfortable stretching sessions
  • Cohesive gauze to reduce skin irritation and device slippage (Upgraded package)
  • Strap based fastener attachment components
  • Two year manufacturer warranty & 200% guarantee refund policy (Just in case the device breaks / malfunctions and also if you do not produce gains)
  • 3D instruction guide
  • The Official Male Edge program and customer only forum support

You can upgrade from the package that feature the items above for one of the featured packages for either $20 more or $40 more and extend with the piece of mind of having spare components / additional options for a more fulfilling treatment.

  • Additional protection pads
  • Choice in the color of your Male Edge device
  • Deluxe travel case for easy storage and transportation
What Do We Recommend?

Now that you’re heading in the right direction regarding the best cheap penis extenders, go to the overview above and assess each for yourself.