The Top 5 Elite Penis Extenders – Best Of The BEST

Presented below are the best penis extenders of 2014. The top three elite extenders are type 1 medical apparatus that truly pass as legitimate penis enlargement device, unlike number four and five, so you can reassure yourself these are nothing but the best device available.

Featured on this page are the recommended packages for each elite extender. For your sake, including ours, we take into account the effectiveness and safety standards implemented with each individual device including small variables that pertain to each extender.

Size Genetics Starting @
Excellent Superior Superior 180 Days #1
X4 Labs Starting @
Superior Superior Superior 180 Days #2
Quick Extender Pro Starting @
Excellent Superior Superior 180 Days #3
Jes Extender Starting @
Excellent Superior Superior Double Refund #4
Male Edge Starting @
Excellent Good Excellent Double Refund #5

SizeGenetics#1 RecommendationSizeGenetics Ultimate Package
Driven to perform, SizeGenetic’s penis extender is a medical apparatus only meant for men with serious intentions. It is  equipped with technologically savvy components made from medical grade materials that provide the utmost comfort and traction during use. With over 16 ways to wear the device, every man can choose how to wear and alter its fit as treatment progresses.

SizeGenetics Review
X4 Labs- #2 Recommendation
X4 Labs ReviewThis breed on device is what you call superior. As an FDA and CE certified extender, this is truly a medical grade extension apparatus. Equipped with memory foam straps and 2100G tension springs, this baby is ready to work its magic on you! its almost as if X4 Labs wants you to extend in style, but what does that matter?

Its too discrete to notice when in use and you won’t even know its there because of its compact size. With a 6 month guarantee for all you skeptics, that gives you plenty of time to use, test, and let his device show you what it can do.

Quick Extender Pro#3 Recommendation
Quick Extender Pro ReviewMade in America, this device is the only second generation penis extender in history. It happens to use silicon nooses, but multiple that by two and you have a double strap system that works twice as well as other leading devices. However, when it comes to comfort, it isn’t the best since its limited comfort settings give it a slight drawback.

Everything about the device screams medical grade, so it puts out sufficient traction and it is highly unlikely this device will break or malfunction if used as directed. It boasts up to 45% gains if you choose the Deluxe Limited package, which is fully equipped with everything you need out of a penis enlargement treatment. Additionally, it comes with a booster pump for more robust gains and a very effective, months worth of Rizer XL male enhancement pills to hasten gains and shorten treatment. This extender comes with the most benefits, but since it is not the most comfortable, we have to abide by this motto – More Comfort + More Usage = Bigger Gains.

Otherwise, you may have to use the device for an even longer time! The QPE site is one of the most resourceful sites on the web in regards to product knowledge.

Penis Extender Reviews

Andropenis#4 Recommendation
What’s interesting about this device is how it shares many common qualities with other penis extenders. It works great and it is actually one of the only penis extenders used in small scale clinical trials. The metal shafts are constructed from surgical grade aluminum, signifying the device is well equipped to apply traction.

Looking at the clinical trial data though, the results were actually poor, although over an inch was gained on average. You probably want more to show than that. This has much to do with how long the device is worn which depends on its comfort level and effectiveness. By all means the device is effective, but it isn’t the most comfortable device available. This device is only recommended because it has legitimate proof it works and does produce gains. Read the entire review more information or visit the Andropenis manufacturer site.