Avoid These Penis Extenders!

Below are  penis extenders brand names you should be weary of. While not all of these device are scams, they are inferior in many ways. Take for example “PeniMaster” and “PenisMaster”. There is a one letter difference. Scam even try to make money off of scams!

This is just a list of extenders you should avoid, although if you want to familiarize yourself with an extender unworthy of purchasing, go ahead and Google one of these at random.

The manufacturer site may not even come up! This could be from shady marketing practices (most often) or the manufacturer doesn’t want you to find their site until you are all hyped from reading a review that lavished their device with praise and admiration.

You don’t want to be the individual who makes a purchase based on someone elses word, you should be the one getting the info that proves  why an  extender is worth buying.

While many of the extenders below can be purchased through a stunning manufacturer website that do not even come close to portraying a scam, if you look closer, you will notice that you’re not seeing the whole picture. They lack transparency.

Literally, telling you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. As such, these extenders fall into our “Do not buy” category and I suggest you reference this list before you make a purchase.

  • do_not_butVimax Extender

  • FastSize
  • PenisPal
  • Prolong System
  • ProSizer
  • Gnetics Extender
  • SizePro System
  • Ultimate Stretcher
  • PenisMaster

  • PeniMaster

  • Max Extender

  • MaxiPlus
  • Size Doctor
  • Minotaur Xtendaur