Frequently Asked Questions – MUST READ

This page features questions that I am constantly asked and you should read if you are seriously considering using a penis extender. If you have a device specific question, then please contact us on this page. This page is meant as a guideline and not specific to any device. Hope these questions help, they definitely should!

How Much Bigger Can I Get From Using A Penis Extender?

There is no definitive answer for this question. While most men will produce similar results, they will vary slightly since no single guy will use a penis extender the exact same way. Wear time, traction tension, and proper usage vary between individuals.

Ascertained results from my experience were an increase in over 3 inches in combined length and girth measurements. Others men have stated on the web they have gained 0.5 – 3+ inches using the penis extender of their choosing. Studies state that close to have an inch can be gained in length of the course of 6 months and no significant results appeared in girth enhancement.

If anything, know this: the longer you use the device, the bigger you become. You need to be aware of things such as the plateau effect and how to properly use your device based on how you react to penile traction stretching.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

Yes they do, but not all of them. Only a small quantity work effectively and safely. Extenders that work and live up to anticipated results include: SizeGenetics, X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro, AndroPenis, Male Edge, ProExtender, and Jes Extender.

Read this article to view clinical data references and to visit the actual data itself to prove to yourself that you can use one of the best penis extenders to make yourself bigger.

Which Extender Is Really Best?

There are many fine brands to choose from, but the one that is best for you is determined based on your needs, requirements, and how you would like your treatment to progress. Each brand featured on this site offers various packages that can benefit you in many ways, whether it be saving money, getting big faster than normal, getting the biggest you possibly can, ensuring your safety, entertaining you along the way, and many other reasons that you will ultimately determine if you research each brand and make an educated decision.

Contacting us is not a bad idea too, we are here to help you and steer you to the best penis extender for you specific needs after all.

I Have A Small Penis? Which Device Is Best?

I am told this often and you know what I ask? How big are you? This conversation usually ends up with me telling you that in fact you are not small rather average, you’ve conceived this idea that you are for some reason or another.

Even if you are small, you have much to gain from using a penis extender. These device are designed for men with what the medical world calls “a micro penis” or a very, very small penis. One of our recommendations can surely help, but if a condition like this is something you are dealing with you should visit a physician or specialist to ensure penis extension / stretching is appropriate.

How Do I Adjust Traction Tension Levels?

The hand screws do play a role in this, but ultimately what produces traction tension are the length of elongation bars you set your device up with and the measured grams that the springs are calibrated too. The longer they are, the more you will stretch and the shorter they are less tension will be exerted and the less you will stretch.

How Much Traction Tension Is Best?

Based on clinical research and participant direction, 1500 grams of calibrated tension is sufficient to portray satisfactory results and has been proven safe over a 6 month period. There are device that exert more than 3000 grams of calibrated tension and many levels in lower than this. Reaching 3000 grams of traction exertion is possible, however you will need to slowly and systematically condition and prepare your penis for this much tension since it can damage tissue or inflict pain if not used properly.

From my experience, 2500 grams was my limit and did not induce any harm or negative consequential reactions. Remember though, this level was reach well after 6 months of usage, so ensure your penis is ready for this type of treatment and you should witness gains that are measurable.

Do I Need To Compress My Extender To Put It On?

Yes you do. You’ll need to compress it in order to comfortably fit the strap or noose around your penis. As you are securing the device to your penis, you can either place your penis on the front piece and connect the fastener and then tighten it or you can have the fastener partially (one end or both) connected to the front piece slide your penis through and then tighten the fastener.

How Do I Know If My Girth Is Too Big?

Depending on the device you are contemplating purchasing, you need to check firstly if they offer a wide girth base – basically the ring (basal ring) that is pressed against your outer pelvic region. This will be wider than the standard ring, so if you average between 4.5 to 5.0 inches in erect circumference, you’ll be fine using a standard basal ring, but if you are any bigger, you will need to consider a wide girth base.

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