How To Guides For Using A Penis Extender

On this page you will find guides that describe how to wear your penis extender over a period of time. Learn how to use your penis extender once you receive it, after 5 months of use, after 12 months of use, and all the way up to 17 months. These guides are totally free and are comprised of my routine (Chris Thompson) during my 17 month course of treatment.

If you have any questions, please contact me by leaving a comment on each respective post or contact support and they will either address your inquiry or forward it to me.

Terms Of Use – Please Read Before Beginning
This information is shared freely and is to be used at your own discretion. We are not telling you to practice or perform any material featured in these guides. Unless you are being supervised by a doctor or certified medical professional, you are held liable for any damage or injury that may result from using any information featured in these guides or featured on this site. You should strictly follow instruction and guidance from the manufacturer you have chosen to purchase a penis extender from and consider these guides as an example of penile traction used for penis enlargement. Please consult with your doctor or medical provider for further information about health risks associated with you as an individual before beginning.

Beginners Penis Extension Routine

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are a beginner, this guide is designed for you. Learn about how long you should wear your extender from a novice’s perspective, traction tension levels, what you should be documenting, if using exercises is right for you since many popular penis extender brands come with an exercise program, and how to produce results while progressing through every week of treatment. I recommend you incorporate the instruction of the brand you chose and devise your own routine based around what I did.

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Intermediate Penis Extension Routine

If you can last 5 months using a penis extender, you can last 17. Most men drop out within the first 5 months. During this point in your treatment, the key is to stay motivated, keep focused on your goals, and follow a routine like mine. Penis extension becomes much easier to deal with and your results will really start to blossom.

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Advanced Penis Extension Routine

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Distinguished Practitioners Routine

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