Beginner Penis Extension Routine: Setting Yourself Up For Success

by on July 25, 2013

Everyone has to start somewhere. You may already be educated on the topic of penile extension or you may know nothing at all. This article provides step-by-step instruction, advice, and suggestions on how to begin your PE treatment using a penis extender. For demonstrative purposes, I will be referencing the SizeGenetics extender and its 16 way comfort tech system. You can apply everything you learn from this routine to practically any penis extender.

Much of this information is based on my course of treatment spanning 1 year and 6 months. I successfully added over 2 inches in length and over 1 inch in girth. This does not mean it will work for you, however your outcome could end up better than mine. I suggest you use this information as a testimonial of sorts. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Knowing What You Have And What It Is Capable Of

The first step to setting yourself up for success is by purchasing a penis extender package, not just a PE device. It helps to be educated on the matters at hand, however you’ll be able to learn quickly from a seasoned practitioner – me!

What you need to lengthen your penis at least two inches are as follows:

  • A penis extender device

  • Interchangeable and multifunctional comfort oriented components

  • Fastener attachment piece(es)

  • At least a one year time frame (This guide is based around 1.5 years) consisting of frequent and regular traction sessions

  • A journal to document progress and your device’s setup

It also helps if you have options to choose from. Being able to customize your device based on what you find comfortable and the size and shape of your penis helps improve results, safety, and your experience.

I suggest you teach yourself about Jelqing and other penis enlargement exercises as they directly improve length and width results and will also improve the results of your penile traction device.

Use A Device That Exerts Sufficient Traction Stretching Tension

The device you choose will also allow you to set the traction tension level. You will need to be able to set it to its lowest amount and also 1500 grams, 1800 grams, and 2100 grams. Anything above this 2100 grams should be used only by advanced practitioners.

Learn how to adjust traction tension by visiting this article and watch the video.


I am absolutely serious. You need to record everything. You need to measure your penis before you begin, frequently all throughout treatment, and at the very end. You also need to note what specific components you use and traction tension levels. It should look something like this:

January 1st, 2010 – Week 1 ( EXAMPLE DATA)

Use Per Day – Week 1

Mon – 3 hours

Tues – 3 hours

Wed – 3 hours

Thurs – 3 hours

Fri – Recovery day

Sat – 3 hours

Sun – 3 hours

Size Measurements

Flaccid Length – 4.2 inches

Erect Length – 6.8 inches

Flaccid Circumference – 3.7 inches

Erect Circumference – 5.1 inches

Device Setup – Week 1

Traction Tension – 1200 grams

Components – Week 1

Strap fastener + comfort padding


Jelqing – Every 2 hours per traction consisting of 10 Jelq repetitions

You should record this data every week. Your journal will be very large at one point, but it helps overcome the plateau effect (lack of gains) and helps you progress safely in conjunction to using your time wisely.

Phase One: Months 1 – 5

Now that you have a better picture about what to do, what you need, and what you are in for, it is now time to start practicing.

Weeks 1 – 4

This is the time frame where your penis will be adjusting to traction tension and when you will be adjusting to having a device strapped to your penis.

  1. Set your penis extenders traction tension level to its lowest amount. I set mine to 1200 grams

  2. Wear your device 3 hours everyday, permitting one full day of recovery

  3. (Optional) – Perform Jelqs after every 2 hours of traction (10 repetitions)

  4. Ensure your device is clean and your hygiene is up to par

  5. Once half way through week 3, increase traction to 1300 grams and continue to the end of week 4

  6. Document EVERYTHING

Be sure to monitor instances of discomfort such as lack of sensation, discoloration, pain, and anything relevant if they are encountered. Document your observations and feelings and adjust your setup until the problems are solved and continue on.

Weeks 5 – 10

Your penis should look bigger in general at this point. You should feel accustom to your device by now and steadily progressing. Here is what you should do next.

  1. With your extender set at 1300 grams of traction, leave it this way for a few more weeks. Add more elongation bars if needed. I added half inch bars on top of the one inch bars I started with due to my current size.

  2. Adjust component setup if needed and continue everything you have been doing through weeks 1 – 4.

  3. Increase wear time to 4 hours per day, allowing for 1 – 2 days of rest.

  4. (Optional) You should be Jelqing twice a day now – 10 sets, totaling 40 Jelqs per day

  5. Halfway through week 9, increase traction tension to 1400 grams and continue to week 10.


Be very observant, check for error, it is easy to waste a week or two, and

Weeks 10 – 20

By now you should feel comfortable and using your penis extender should feel like second nature, as if you have always been using it. This portion of treatment can be a bit tricky and is a very important time to closely observe results.

  1. Bump traction tension up to 1500 grams at week 11 and begin adding more elongation bars if necessary. At this point I was using half inch and one inch elongation bars

  2. If your device feels slightly off (not sliding off), adjust component setup. I did, switching from using SizeGenetics strap fastener to the noose fastener

  3. Follow the same steps from weeks 5 – 10

  4. Continue 4 hour traction sessions. Jump from 4 to 5 hours after week 15. Permit 1 – 2 days of rest.

  5. (Optional) You should now be Jelqing after every two hours your penis is subject to traction.

  6. Remain at 1500 grams of traction up until week 20.


Ensuring progression is critical during weeks 10 – 20. This is the first portion of your treatment where you may encounter the plateau effect (lack of gains). If you are not progressing, consider increasing traction tension or adding longer elongation bars.

I was hit by a wave of plateau’s and actually gave up for a few weeks. That was very bad on my part, so do not give up! Keep at it! If I knew your exact situation, I could give your more guidance!

Say Goodbye To Being A Beginner

If you have completed everything up to week 20 and notice at least a one inch gain in length (minimal expansion in circumference if you have not been practicing Jelqing), you are and will continue to set yourself up for success. You have officially graduated from a novice penis enlargement and are ready to start intermediate routine.

Page Specific Terms Of Use And Conditions

This information provided in this article is based on data from Chris Thompson’s PE treatment. This does not mean it will work for you and does not mean it is safe for you. Due to the fact we do not know the status of your health, you may use this information at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for anything you do that results in damage or injury. Please devise you own routine based around the products and techniques you choose to use. You have been notified and warned. Proceed at your own risk.

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Kyle July 26, 2013

This is exactly what I have been searching for! This guide is invaluable, thanks so much. I was confused about why you mentioned practicing Jelqing with this is an extension guide? Yea, you put in “optional,” but you may want to change this – it is going to confuse people.


Chris Thompson July 26, 2013


Glad you found this guide to be helpful, but the Jelqing stuff, it helps lengthen too. It is a very good exercise for girth expansion and will serve a very important purpose. Like I stated, it is totally optional, it does not need to be practiced. Just focus on the extension portion. You responded exactly the way a confused purpose should by leaving a comment. I will be more than happy clarifying things for anyone on anything on this site.


Kyle July 26, 2013

Will you have part 2 coming out or anything else about this kind of guide?


Chris Thompson July 26, 2013

Yes, I am working an intermediate guide which is a follow up to this one. There will also be an advanced routine and a distinguished practitioner routine. They’ll all be out in the next 30 days. I do take requests Kyle, so if there is anything you would like me to write about, please ask and I will see what I can do.


J.P. July 26, 2013

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, haha yea I get the point.


Chris Thompson July 26, 2013

J.P.- Here are a few examples about why documenting is important.
Never forget to record everything you do. There are deals you can set up with some of the top brands and they will give you your extender for free if you document your treatment and send them the data and a testimonial. Beyond that, even if you do not think you will need it, it will help at some point. Unless you remember every little detail, referencing how much traction you used or when you should increase it for example will be two reasons you made need this information. You may even hit a plateau and if you can’t remember what got you into this position… it is really tempting to quit. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!


Mrwho July 28, 2013

It took 5 different searches to find an actual penis extender guide that helped. It was like this guide was hiding. Everything else just sucks. Where are the rest?


Chris Thompson July 28, 2013

There is a lot of junk out there, no doubting that. This guide was not hidden haha, it was posted two days ago! The next installments for this guide will be coming out over the next few weeks. I assume you found this one useful?


Mrwho July 28, 2013

Yea, for once something intelligible. I don’t know how you can write stuff like this, I can barley stand reading it. Good for you.


Chris Thompson July 28, 2013

It gets easier to deal with. After two years of using SizeGenetics successfully, you’ll be glad I shared my experience, it pays off big time. You won’t go through some of the BS I ran into from time to time. If you have any questions concerning the next write-up, please let me know and I will see if I can include answers or help you some other way.


Mrwho July 28, 2013

Sure thing pal. Why don’t you use pictures and say how much there is to gain?


Chris Thompson July 28, 2013

Pictures really make no difference. Your either going to make your penis bigger or you are not. The time frame I have based this guide around will increase your size over 2 inches. It did for me. If you want some I can post a few. I don’t guess at numbers, everyone is going to measure differently. How much you will gain will be in the same ball park as myself, 2+ inches in length and over an inch in girth. I was average, now I am well above it. Just don’t miss traction sessions like I did.


Mrwho July 28, 2013

Don’t worry about it. As much as I shouldn’t believe you, you write well and it really helps. Thats trustworthy enough for me, I don’t sense anything wrong here.


ebrahim April 3, 2014

Does this routine can be applied using da maledge basic extender even dou it doesn’t show me what traction levels I’m on


Chris Thompson April 3, 2014

I sent you a personal message explaining how to adjust Male Edge’s traction tension level. The four indicators on each transparent cylinder show you how much traction is being applied. Use the user guide I sent to adjust it. Once you get the hang of it you’ll know what to do in a matter of seconds.


Chris June 16, 2014

Hey chris, I’ve just received my X4 Labs extender in today, I’m wanting to know if I could give you stats through email and some other things I’m doing and you could let me know if I will be headin in the right direction or need to do more or less. Your article was great and the straight forward routine explanation was perfect. Thank you. And really hope to hear from you soon as I don’t want to make mistakes, and really want more results.
– Chris


Chris Thompson June 23, 2014

Yes, you can provide me with your stats and I will help you along. I will also have to ask questions for follow up purposes to ensure everything is heading in the right direction, like you requested. You may contact me through this email address:


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