How To Adjust A Penis Extenders Traction Tension

by on June 23, 2013

In this article you will learn how to adjust a penis extenders traction tension level. This article applies to X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics and any other penis extender that functions in the same manner. First, I’ll explain the three areas of a penis extender you should be familiar with.

The Core Components That Makeup A Penis Extender

A penis extender’s body is composed of three major areas. The Basal ring, which is the base ring that presses against your pelvis and where your penis is inserted, the extension arms, where the traction tension springs are housed and the elongation bars connect, and the front piece, where the elongation bars connect at the front end of the device and where the fasteners are connected.

We will be focusing on the elongation arms and a few of the components that are built into both the left and rights arms.

The Extension Arms

Two extension arms comprise the middle portion of a penis extender. Both arms are made up of these major components: Two hand screws, two hexagonal cylinders, and two rounded cylinders to house the tension springs.

Now that you are familiar with the components used to increase traction tension, the next step is to actually adjust the device to increase and decrease tension.

How To Adjust Traction Tension

You can learn how to increase and decrease traction tension by either watching my video or reading the step by step instructions below. You are going to be turning the hand screws shown in the picture below.


Step By Step Instructions

These instructions are based on adjusting traction for SizeGenetics or X4 Labs.

  1. You first need to locate the hand screws on both extension arms.

  2. To increase traction tension for SizeGenetics right arm, turn the hand screw counterclockwise. Turn clockwise to decrease traction tension.right_handscrew

  3. To increase tension for the left arm, turn the hand screw counter clockwise. To decrease tension, turn the hand screw clockwise.left_handscrew

NOTE: To increase traction tension for both arms of the X4 extender, turn BOTH hand screws counter clockwise. To decrease tension, turn BOTH hand screws clockwise.

Traction Adjustment Is Device Specific

I’ve shown you how to increase and decrease traction tension using the two penis extenders I own. Your device may require alternate action. Now that you are aware of the general guidelines on how to increase a penis extenders traction tension, please search through our blog if you are unfamiliar with the operation of a penis extender. More definitive resources can be found in our glossary.

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