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by on August 17, 2013

Penis Extender
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Male Edge Starting at $179.00
Overall Ranking Quick Extender Pro
Quality Excellent
Pro Retail Package
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Results Excellent
Guarantee Double Refund Guarantee
Comfort System Rubber Strap Support
CE Certified? Jes-Extender Spin Off / Yes
Medical Device? Jes-Extender Spin Off / Yes
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The Male Edge penis extender is a very appealing apparatus upon first inspection. If you are familiar with penis extenders, then you should know that you can’t underestimate a devices effectiveness, safety, or comforting qualities. Looks are one thing, but what these three details are what count the most. Think about this….

If the device is not comfortable, then why wear it? If it is ineffective, why us it? If it is causing more harm then good, don’t risk it!

Male Edge obliges to these three qualities and make the most of them. It is a sturdy device that conforms to a comfortable level of operation, applies an effective amount of traction, all in a safe manner. Male Edge has the fundamentals covered, that is for sure.

Why Do Men Choose Male Edge?

For a few reasons, but for the most part, to get a bigger penis. This is generally why men consider using a penis extender, however this device can also help men with peyronie’s and improve sexual function. It isn’t the best of the best, but it has much to offer.

The Primary Benefits Include:

  • Permanent increase in penis size – Nearly a 30% improvement!
  • Longer, thicker erections
  • Stronger and firmer erections
  • Cure for Peyronies (curved penis)
  • Manufactured by a prominent and established European company – DanaLife.
  • Double refund satisfaction promise

Notable Advantages – First Impression

One of the biggest impressions is its design and look. To call it stunning is a bit much, but its unique color combo’s, slick black appeal, and alluring accessories take penis extension to a whole new level.

This isn’t the most important quality, but what do you have to lose. It’s a minor benefit, but reflects on the entire device as a whole.

How Effective Is Male Edge?

It is one of the more effective devices available currently. Results of this device have assessed it is capable of increasing penis length by 28% and girth by 19%.

The device has a safe touch and uses a natural method to extend your penis. Older extenders, such as Jes-Extender, was a great product in its time, but wasn’t the most effective.

I mention Jes-Extender because it is one of the oldest penis extender still currently active on the market the Male Edge device is the next generation Jes-Extender.

The fact of the matter is, is that it is still around which is astonishing. Plus, since Male Edge is a much better device, it is foreseeable that it will stick around for a long time too.

Is It Safe To Use?

Based on customer feedback, it is. Although one of the most important individual qualities pertains to if a traction device is labeled with the CE Mark, signifying that it is a type 1 medical device. We highly recommend you choose a penis extender that is a type 1 medical device, though there are still options like Male Edge that are worthy of your attention.

In essence of safety, this factor is well implemented with this device. The company behind Male Edge is so sure of their product that they will double your money back if you do not portray an increase in your penis size.

Plus, There Are No Side-Effects To Report!

Three Types Of Extender Packages To Choose From – What Do You Get?

This extender is featured in three different packages. Each models design, functionality, and assembly is the same. The package pricing differs due to the bonus items featured with each package.

Conditional bonus items add significant value to the device itself. Each package provides you with extremely beneficial bonus items which are entailed in the package descriptions below.

The Basic Retail package includes the device, a carrying bag, one rubber comfort strap for moderate gains, and a ruler to document how much your penis actually grows.

Documenting progression is very important and should be done to satisfy your eligibility for the satisfaction guarantee.

The Extra Retail package includes the items featured in the Basic Retail and also a travel bag, two rubber straps, and a protection pad for extra comfort and also to help prevent chafing.

The Extra Retail features more straps for bigger gains. This is currently the best-selling package since most goals can be achieved with the included items or so the manufacture site says… We verified these claims by scanning forums where many men left feedback on their experience.

The Pro Retail features everything in the Basic and Extra Retail plus a total of four rubber straps (HUGE gains), two replacement pads, and cohesive gauze.

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