Penis Stretching: Can It Make Your Dick Bigger?

by on November 7, 2012

If stretching your penis was easy, you would have been doing so along time ago. That’s why most men fail at enlarging their penis. Its not as easy as it may seem. Most men fail because they cannot commit to consistent usage in regards to their chosen treatment and do not utilize the right kind of equipment – if it is required.

Many guys assume that pills will help their dick grow – they want to think its as easy as taking a few every day, but in reality, nothing is that good to be true.

Pills do actually make you penis slightly bigger. It will look swollen, in a good way, and feel rock solid, but once you deprive your body from the nutrients these pills provide, the effects slowly dwindle.

You have probably heard about penis stretching and may not know whether it is BS or worthy of an attempt. Luckily, stretching based methods used to enlarge this organ are the only proven treatments that work. Penile traction is the only legitimate and proven method of natural penis enlargement.

How Does Stretching Work In Order To Make Your Penis Bigger?

If you manipulate the structure of your penis from a cellular level, your soon to come third arm will naturally extended as new cellular tissue is created. Basically, there are two hollow chambers within your shaft known as the corpora cavernosa. These two sections fill with blood as an erection is stimulated.

Stretching the corpora cavernosa chambers and surrounding tissue allows more blood to circulate into your penis. More blood is permitted to enter from tiny micro tears that develop on the corpora cavernosa cavities, thus allowing a surplus of blood to enter and situate itself during an erection.

Overtime, the more blood allowed in, the more your penis stretches. As it stretches, recovery days are needed to heal these small tears and create new tissue to retain the newly formed shape of your penis. Ultimately helping it become permanently longer and wider.

What Penis Stretching Options Are There?

Honestly, it would be of the utmost advantage if you were to practice exercises and use a stretching device, but if you have to choose just one, you are probably better off with an extender since this form of treatment has been medically certified to work as described and can safely, naturally, and effectively increase penile dimensions.

Penis Extenders, aka a dick stretcher or traction device, which is what they are referred to often, are the top choice among interested men desiring an increase in genital size. There is plenty of clinical data backing their legitimacy. Take a look – Penile Extender Clinical Study Overview.

On the flip side, exercises designated to induce penile growth have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Many exercises have proven to be effective, but their medical use is still unsure. From our personal experience and a general conception among users, they work very well for enhancement purposes. There is no data to back exercises, but user input suggests they do work – not as well as a traction device however.

Which Is Better? An Extender Or Exercises?

Since your penis is very fragile and sensitive, your best route towards a bigger johnson should be safe, natural, and relatively easy. Penis stretchers are designed around these exact reasons. You do have to wear one for a prolonged period of time – hours every day and for months at a time, but in the end, its worth every last bit of effort.

If you combine the potential gains from both length and girth, you can achieve nearly four inches of growth! That is of course if you choose one of the best penis extenders that can help your specific situation.

Which Penis Stretching Device Is Best?

We have narrowed down three providers that market reputable extenders. The most accommodating and effectual extender is SizeGenetics. Hands down the best. Alternatively, X4 Labs offers an extensive package that includes their full featured device and numerous noteworthy items of interest. Lastly, Quick Extender Pro is worth investigating since it harnesses a unique double strap support system that gives every other traction device a run for their money.

Its up to you to decided though, so take our recommendations seriously if you are serious about safe penis enlargement.

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