ProExtender Review – Natural Penis Enlargement Using Traction!

by on December 29, 2012

Pro Extender ReviewDeciding which penis extender is right for you requires a large degree of consideration. From even the smallest aspect, you have to assess every detail of an extenders packaging, including all of the extra items that come with the actual device and how they make it better than the rest. The biggest and most important aspect is how much a penis extender can help you increase length, width, and general look of your penis. ProExtender is definitely a device not to overlook. Since this is the topic at hand, we only recommend the best so you do not have to worry about this particular quality much, but until you read the this ProExtender review, you won’t truly know! Lets get to it!

The ProExtender traction device is an fine example of a penis stretcher that is formulated with almost every necessary item you could need for a penis enlargement treatment. Out of all of our penis extender reviews, this device provides a great foundation for all of your penis extension needs, despite not being the absolute best.

With that in mind, this review shares the key aspects of what a mature penis extender package should offer and how you can either trust in one of the oldest brands today or use this knowledge to find out if another, more modern extender will be better for your desires.

What Is The ProExtender?

The ProExtender is a penis extender (traction device) designed to progressively stretch your penis to expand its flaccid and erect states. Simply put, this device attaches to your penis using a rounded base plate that situates itself near the bottom of your shaft and a harness that grips a small portion of your shaft which is used to exert traction.

It can be adjusted to apply traction according to your needs. You set the device at a designated level of stretching tension depending on the size, shape, and health of your penis. It is as simple as that!

How Does The ProExtender Work?

The ProExtender works in a gradually slow, rewarding way. Any penis enlargement treatment involving traction should span at least 6 months for full effects, although your lifestyle or desires will have a say in how long an extension treatment will last.

What the ProExtender does is manipulate erectile tissue on a cellular level. As the device stretches your penis, it begins to break down the structure of the tissue that limits your erections – i.e. your size. You do not feel any pain or discomfort from this. As your penis is stretched, small microscopic gaps from stretching are replaced as cells that once took up this area begin to duplicate, permanently increasing your size. You also can’t just stop. You have to gradually stop by decreasing traction sessions week by week.

Very important! You need to allot time for recovery so newly acquired cells duplicate and settle themselves in a healthy manner. Recovery is a critical process during a traction extension treatment, so this means take a minimum of two days of rest. Don’t go overboard, this unusual apparatus does work if you use it just right.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

There is a good reason this question is about to be answered. Blame all of the imitation penis extenders that hog market space and make the same assertions that actual, legitimate traction device make.

Stated blatantly, this device does work. The only small detail that no one really knows about is that the ProExtender was rebranded as SizeGenetics. SizeGenetics is significantly better regarding comfort technology and applying traction. Both SizeGenetics and the ProExtender were developed by Jorn Ege Siana, one of the most renowned surgeons for penis lengthening treatments. You can read his input on the ProExtender website.

Does The ProExtender Have Any Credentials?

Actually, other than endorsements, nothing could found verifying the fabrication process of the device, if it is a type 1 medical device, or any other form of quality control. Not to say it is a bad device, but with no verifiable sources of legitimacy other than its activity for the past ten years, we are not confident recommending this penis extender.

If its safety has not been verified, do not use ANY type of device meant for penis enlargement.

What Makes The ProExtender System Unique?

Nothing in particular other than you are eligible to receive a bottle of VigRx male enhancement pills and Semanex ejaculation pills with two of the premium packages the ProExtender is featured in.

Now for the catch – VigRx is a first generation male enhancement supplement. It has been reformulated with a few extra (and well needed ingredients) and is now referred to as VigRx Plus. VigRx works ok, but the difference between its new formulation are quicker results and a bit of an extra kick.

To top everything off, all of the packages the ProExtender is featured are some of the most expensive out there!

Is The ProExtender Worth Investing Into?

We do not recommend it. Even though our review makes it seem good (It’s not bad at all, but there are better options) you are better off with SizeGenetics since it is a type 1 medical device, includes a 16 way comfort tech system, and has more to offer than just a penis extender for a lower cost.

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