Recommended Traction Therapy Treatments For Peyronies Disease

X4 Labs
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X4 Labs
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If you are one of the individuals that make up the small majority of men whose peyronies has not naturally fixed itself, using traction therapy is one of the best ways to treat this disease without resorting to surgery and also as a means to increase penis length. Numerous publications citing medical research and clinical studies suggest that penile traction therapy through the use of a penis extender is a safe and condoned treatment for peyronie’s. The research is featured on, but not limited to these two prominent men’s health site, written by doctors and experts: and

What these two sites do not tell you are the best traction therapy treatments, which is why this article was created. To help you find the best traction device, this article will go over key qualities of the best penis extender packages known to treat PD.

To ensure you benefit from one of these treatments, you should already be diagnosed with PD by a licensed and certified doctor or specialist – however you can still use one of these recommended packages regardless to fix what YOU have determined to be PD. What may appear to be peyronie’s isn’t always the case, so before using one of these recommended penis extenders, it is recommended you consult a physician.

If you suffer from a severe curve or your condition has reached advanced stages (high pain, complete inability to stimulate an erection, etc..) then you really, REALLY need to seek medical help. Otherwise, for minimal to moderate cases, a traction device should have you fixed up in a matter of months.

The Top 3 Penis Extender Recommendations For Peyronies Disease

Although many penis extender brands claim their device is a suitable treatment for PD, it is difficult to verify these assertions. Among the top penis extenders featured on this site, only two of our top 3 offer a package designed specifically for peyronie’s – X4 Labs And Quick Extender Pro.

Listed also are other options that are not featured in any way on this site, but well worth considering. First up, one of the best medical grade penis extenders on the market, X4 Labs.

X4 Labs Peyronies Edition Extender

X4 Labs peyronies edition extender is the premium standard when it comes to a traction based PD treatment. Click here for specifics. This comfort oriented extender shares the same function as other type 1 medical penis extenders, but as a packaged deal the inclusion of specially formulated vitamin E pills gives this package and you an advantage over alternative options. Vitamin E is a known and very common antioxidant that has been used successfully to treat acute stages of PD due to its placid side-effects and inexpensiveness.

As added support to traction therapy, vitamin E pills and traction significantly alleviate symptoms of peyronie’s including the degradation of plaque buildup that causes fibrosis, one of the root causes of penile curvature and erection shortening.

X4 Labs penis extender is clinically proven to help with PD and as one of many penis extenders worth considering, the makers of X4 know all too well that comfort cannot be stressed enough regarding the fragile state PD can leave your penis in.

The X4 extender provides peyronie’s patients with components that are optimized for comfortable use, in not just one, two or three ways, but a total of 52 ways. Peyronies may make your penis sensitive to many degrees on a day to day basis, so if one particular way you’ve elected to wear the device felt ideal over a certain period of time and on any given day it ceases to feel comforting, you can then choose another combination of components to satisfy your comfort needs.

In summary, this is what you get with X4 Labs PD edition:

X4 Labs Peyronies Treatment

Quick Extender Pro’s Curvature Correction Edition

QEP’s curvature correction edition never explicitly claims to help with PD, but it does feature many vital components one would need to procure peyronie’s disease symptoms. This PD edition features specially calibrated traction tension springs designed to negate PD curvature in conjunction to its comfortable operation due in part to memory foam comfort pads, customized attachment pieces, and safe operation.

This package features a Vitamin E supplement, which is known to decrease plaque development and aid traction therapy in straightening penile curvature to a significant degree. What may dismay your attention with this PD package is the lack of information provided by the manufacturer, Innovatech.

It is very important to educate yourself on your condition and know precisely what your chosen treatment will be doing to decrease penile curvature. With one paragraph of information and spread out details pertaining to individual products, you may find skepticism working to your advantage.

Quick Extender Pros curvature correction edition is anything but the best, but due to your limited options when it comes to traction therapy, this is one of the better options since it is oriented around peyronies disease and its common symptoms.

Andropeyronie Package

Andromedical, the makers of Andropeyronie has been and will be one of the biggest international penis enlargement brands, having been active on the market since 1995. From penis enlargement to curvature correction, these extender models have been clinically tested for efficacy and medical use, passing with flying colors.

Like any penis extender package, you get a one of a kind traction therapy device that is designed to attach to your curved penis and gently apply traction down the length of your shaft. Overtime, it can slowly yet steadily straighten out 40% of your curve according to the manufacturer.

What makes the Andropeyronie an excellent option is that it gives you the choice of directing tension according to your degree of curve. The more curve you have, the more likely you will need the assistance of a doctor, but for most men with peyronies that suffer from minimal to moderate curvature, a device such as the Andropeyronie may be the best option for you.

One of the key and scarce distinguishing factors of the Andropeyronie is that it will put an awkward amount of stress (not discomforting) onto your penis due to its interaction with your curvature. Logically, it would seem that the device would break, however it happens that the shafts that makeup the arms of this extender are made from medical grade surgical aluminum so it will not bend or break while its works it magic.

Unlike other premium traction therapy packages, you do not get any type of supplement known to combat PD or other form of treatment other than a penis extender. That is why the other two options may be more worth your while in the end.

If you want to know more, use your preferred search engine and query it for “andromedical”.

In summary, here is what you get with the Andropeyronie from Andromedical:

Andropeyronie Penis Extender Comparison

Before you make any final decisions, please check out one last recommendation below so you are aware of what is on the market.